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FUCK THE MAN. [02 Sep 2004|03:16am]
[ mood | confused ]

Who exactly is Don? I'm confussed.

My boyfriend's name is Don. Should he be killed too?

AJ <3

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Update! Which you all should do more often too, btw. [20 Jul 2004|11:07pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Okay, so this community was pretty much a bust. You know, if you want you guys can post non-Anti-Don Club stuff here. I'm not that picky. So if you wanna do a survey or joke or something... go 'head.

Made a crappy background. If someone wants to do better, feel free and I'll put it up.

So, yeah. I'm outtie.


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[13 Jul 2004|04:50pm]

Sooooo.....has this community been abandoned already?

If not we should get a pic of Don, make it huge, and put it as the background.
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TADA! =D [22 Jun 2004|10:50am]

Okay, everyone! The community is set up, but I'm not touching it much until we all agree on what gets touched. ^^ Feel free to add suggestions, stuff you want added or changed, and what kind of layout you want for it.
I also disabled posting for non-members. Is this okay...?

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@_@ [21 Jun 2004|08:01pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

I have recently been informed that Don "wants me."

I seriously don't see it. I'm not trying to be naive, my mind just won't grab it.


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Hey-ho, Kool Aid! [21 Jun 2004|06:33pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

It's obvious nobody is going to shift into Anti-Don mode until this RPG thing is all set up, so let's do this:

1) Somebody make the community! If nobody wants to make it, then I'll just do it. We need to get this moving, people.

2) As soon as the community is made, everyone can start up the LiveJournals for their characters. That way, everything can begin!

See? Two easy steps! Then not only can the RPing commence, but so can the Don-bashing. (I almost feel bad because he saved my life on that swing LoL)

So, what we gonna dooooo?

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Yarr [20 Jun 2004|08:34pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

Attention! And I'm sorry to say this ISN'T Don-related:

According to my older sister Jenny (Who also thinks Bam is a Sex God, heehee) has informed me of two things and I'm not sure if you guys know this yet.

1) Bam is getting married with that She-thing that's always around. Girlfriend.


2) Viva la Bam is not going to be on tonight, there's some sort of Real World marathon going on.

I need to sue people.

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[17 Jun 2004|11:12pm]

Hello all! Thanks and welcome to everyone who joined, including you, reddwine, who is ready to spread the Anti-Don-ness without even knowing him. ^__^

Also thank you for not hating me for being a bitch, which brings me to my next few questions...

What should the name of our RPG community be?

Suggestions already made include "Once More, With FEELING", "Grr, Argh", and "Wackiness Ensues". Please feel free to make more suggestions!

Should the community be composed of each character we are playing having their own, seperate journal? Or should we all use our current livejournal names to post entries in one community?

Again, please comment with your opinion.

And, as far as character claims I've heard, we have...

Roonie: Don, Jesus, and Bam.

Redd: Snape, Spike, and herself. ^^

'Mione: Sirius, SmarterChild, Buffy, and I believe there was someone else...?

Lizzi: Remus, Xander, and puppet!Angel(us).

If I missed anyone, please let me know.

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Moopsies [17 Jun 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | content ]

Ah, alright. Only Anti-Don it is! It's quite alright, Lizzi, nobady's gonna hate you!!! Meep.

I suggest we all make lists of possible tortures. If that is quite alright:
1- Drop from a very high place
2- Hit with frying pan repeatedly
3- Poke 10 billion times
4- Stick in a cage with multiple genetically mutated badgers
5- Leave him in a daycare center *shudder*

*goes off in search of virtual blunt objects bent on the only and ONLY purpose of Don torture*

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Moops! [17 Jun 2004|05:07pm]

[ mood | stoopid ]

Ah, I thought this was to be the RP community. Whoops! I was confused. Don is quite an evil! Mmyep. We have to get him to get a LiveJournal and he can join the community and we'll throw virtual rocks at him! YAY!

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*poof*...? [17 Jun 2004|01:30pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I claim:

-My self-character Redd!

In the name of all that is NOT Don! Muahahaha.

All members are my frieeeeends *creepy smile*.

I'll stop now, haha.

By the way, when I try to choose another icon, the only one that shows is "default" and I have more uploaded. Help!

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*nod* [17 Jun 2004|01:00pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Don is evil.

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Woo hoo! [17 Jun 2004|11:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

I am a member! I am a member! YAY!

Here are the characters I claim...

  • Bam Margera
  • Jesus
  • Don

If it offends anyone in the slightest that I am using Jesus, please let me know because, as you know, I do not believe in Jesus so he may be in for some crazy shannanigans.

I have a question: Should we like... make icons for each of our characters and use that icon when we post (like, don't use default icon, select the character icon instead)? I think that would be a cool idea and would go along with the people better. I'm just saying.

WHEE! This will be fun, methinks. Once everyone joins and posts with the characters they claim, we can begin...? WOOT! 

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